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Lifting Weights

Every BODY Is Welcome

Welcome to the FreeForm Fitness family! We want to help you reach your wellness goals, holistically. Simply put, we think about the WHOLE person and create individualized plans for the uniquely beautiful person that you are. Fitness is not limited to one place, person, or size. We will help you explore many ways that you can engage wellness at home, outdoors, or at traditional gyms—while gaining confidence to be an authentic healthier you inside and out. Our approach prioritizes research-driven and plant-based models; the goal is to equip you with tools so that you can take charge of your wellness. It's about your body the way YOU want it. Get ready for an exhilarating journey.

What Now?

In just five steps you can start your FreeForm Fitness journey. At any time you can reach out to us. Ask questions, it's all about you. 


Step One: 

You are already on the right track (pun intended)! Learn more about our services and decide what fits your budget and needs. Take your time. Our team will never pressure you to make a purchase.

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