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A Bit About Me

she/ her/ hers

Hey, y'all! Dr. Amanda-Louise here, hood historian and herbalist. Just call me Slick (ask me how I got that nickname when you meet me, it's hilarious)! 

Cleveland born, I began my life and work in Ohio. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Master of Social Work from the Ohio State University and a Master of Education from Arizona State University. I’ve worked as a social worker, court advocate, researcher, therapist, consultant, community organizer, and teacher; my roles are constantly evolving. As a recent Ph.D. graduate, in many ways, I feel like my journey is just now beginning.

From my youth, I’ve always been engaged in social justice initiatives and my athletic and creative expressions always followed. You may be wondering "What does social justice have to do with holistic health and/or fitness?". EVERYTHING. Safe environments, quality affordable healthcare, access to nutritious food and clean water, trauma-informed care, destigmatized mental health, equitable education, representation and body affirmation, anti-(insert the "ism" that you face daily), and so on. Don't worry a history lecture is not coming, yet. However, I will say that I recognized some time ago that if I was going to be active in worthy causes, be a change agent locally, AND THRIVE then I have to be well. I had to treat my wellbeing as a priority.

You do too, solely for your own sake. Auntie, as I call her, Audre Lorde—google her immediately if you do not know who she is—stated "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation". It is a need. Love yourself, really. We all are still learning what that actually looks like. One part of that is health, but not just physically. That is why FreeForm Fitness exists; to tap into each part of yourself so that you can evolve. Our journey and goals may look different, but we all deserve to be whole.  Join me as we continue to discover new ways to thrive.



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